All the time, without reading. I used to read them all at one point and then I stopped. The 'Other Me' would read these emails. As a mark of respect to the 'Other Me' I just delete them instead of unsubscribing 😕
  1. Goop
  2. Lenny letter
  3. Spare room
    Notifications of rooms to rent matching my criteria in London. Because I never don't want to move to London and be 'Other Me' forever.
  4. BBC recruitment
    'Other Me' works at the BBC. I put in 'runner' in the job notification thingame so it would send me notifications of runner positions. It frequently sends me emails for 'database technician' proudly announcing at the top of the email 'Jobs matching your search for 'runner' ' 😕.
  5. BBC newsletters
  6. Guardian jobs
  7. Soul pancake
  8. Trusted housesitters
    Could happen
  9. Local enterprise office
    Maybe I'll go to a 'women in business' coffee morning ...? (I won't)
  10. Avaaz
    Sorry 😞
  11. Groupon
    Ok I actually just can't figure out how to unsubscribe from this one