In honor of Halloween, I will be making a list that includes every costume I have sported since birth, chronologically of course
  1. Year 0- Bat
    why my parents would dress up a 6 month old child still baffles me
  2. Year 1- Pumpkin
    didn't even need the costume. that's how fat I was.
  3. Year 2- Lion
    fell in a puddle that year
  4. Year 3- Harry Potter
    decked out w glasses, robe, wand, scar, even had the horrible messy short haircut to pull it off. i now look at photos and am convinced I was a boy for the first 5 years of my life
  5. Year 4- Harry Potter
  6. Year 5- Harry Potter
    I was really into Harry Potter
  7. Year 6- Princess
  8. Year 7- Bubblegum Popstar
    My dad bought me this costume the day of Halloween and my mom was not so excited when she saw her 8 year old in my spandex cheetah print (w blue fun fur sleeves), midriff baring pop star costume.
  9. Year 8- Witch
    3rd grade I was super into seances
  10. Year 9- Zombie Little Girl
    decapitated teddy bear included
  11. Year 10- Dorothy
    I remember this year I wore a horrible wig that fell off my head and I lost mid trick or treating
  12. Year 11- Toddler in a tiara
    taking home the 1st place trophy for costume concert after walking on stage and yelling "you better red-neck-ognize honey boo boo chillllllddddd" Just a reminder I was 11
  13. Year 12- Superwoman
    w my 7th grade boyfriend at the time dressed up as superman. 12 year old Ella needs to stop
  14. Year 13- Minnie Mouse
    why Ella why