lots of fun and interesting subjects, none of which include anything that will actually help me in life.
  1. All Canadian celebrities and inventions
    for shouting "HE/SHE/IT'S FROM CANADA"
  2. Wes Anderson
    because everyone should be
  3. The Weird side of YouTube
    From those days I had nothing better to do than watch a 45 minute documentary on a child adopted by wolves in Bulgaria.
  4. 10 things I hate about you
    can never watch/memorize a movie feat. Heath Ledger too many times
  5. teen comedies based on Shakespeare plays
    I burn, I pine, I perish.
  6. (most) shows on Netflix
    breaking bad to unbreakable, can never get enough!!!
  7. troll dolls
    you know you own too many when there are more of them than your friends
  8. pistachios
    because I consume my weight of them x 10 a day
  9. the smiths & the ramones
    because I LOVE THEM
  10. Michael cera
    cause why not? he's Canadian btw
  11. goodfellas
    I have always dreamed of living a secret life in the mafia
  12. feminism
    because absolutely EVERYONE needs it
  13. many more...