I cook. I bake. I procrastinate. Food is always on my mind. Here's my list of spices I use most often in my culinary adventures
  1. Cumin
    In a rub... in a marinade... think fajitas and latin flavors
  2. Red chili powder/flakes
    A little kick for lots of things. Chili peppers on pizza, pasta, eggs, avocado toast
  3. Cinnamon
    Mostly for baking, but occassionally in my coffee or smoothie
  4. Peppercorns
    Now this one seems obvious- salt and pepper are basic seasonings, but peppercorns added to brine solutions and molasses-y things is FANtastic. (Side note: my husband is so sensitive to "spicy" things, he can't even really handle a turn of the pepper grinder.)
  5. Fennel pollen
    A fairly out-there spice, but one of my favorites for roasted meats. A little sprinkle has notes of anise (licorice) and is a tad sweet.