Starting today, May 12th, 2016. Inspired by: @mia_peanut **updating with a "✅" as they are completed and providing a photo as proof whenever I can :)
  1. ✅make home cooked Mac and Cheese
  2. ✅watch the OC with @mia_peanut
  3. ✅get Anna wasted
  4. ✅go to America
  5. ✅make a cheesecake
  6. see Jaclyn Retallick
  7. ✅buy some nice decor for my new apartment
    cutest golden bar stools :)
  8. ✅have a cappuccino
  9. ✅finesse drake tickets
    the tickets are for October but HELLO HANDSOME #revenge #allsummer16
  10. ✅receive (and reject) booty call from the first guy I loved
  11. ✅host a wine and cheese
  12. ✅kiss my crush (again)
  13. ✅make money
  14. ✅go to the 6
    (so far only the airport)
  15. ✅finish my poetry book
  16. buy a new wallet
  17. ✅get rid of things I don't wear anymore
  18. ✅try rumchata with fireball (with @losercee)
    it was very festive tasting
  19. ✅buy a nicely scented candle
  20. grow my hair out
    FAIL! I cut it
  21. ✅ get new glasses
    S/O vintageframes
  22. ✅go thrifting
  23. find quality art pieces for my new apartment
  24. (help from @mia_peanut)
  25. ✅get eyelash extensions
    shoutout to jaymes crafts mom
  26. ✅go to tingleys
  27. ✅go to the club with lauren (in Fredericton)
  28. ✅formally introduce myself to the owner of saintwoods
    Me: "I see you around all the time and I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Ella" him: "Oh I know you're Ella" *shakes my hand*
  29. ✅turn down someone I used to have a crush on in middle school
    once inside klub khrome, one more time in Jack's pizza
  30. ✅turn down someone I used to have a crush on in high school
  31. ✅ drink mimosas on my new balcony
  32. ✅ go to ikea
  33. get at least one nipple piercing
    still undecided if I want 2
  34. wear a ball gown
  35. document at least three dreams
  36. ✅have my friend Kylee work things out with her crush
    they kissed!!!!
  37. ✅️ get a spray tan
    tan man
  38. ✅go to folly fest!!!!
  39. ✅reach 7000 followers on Instagram
  40. ✅get a cute new key cut
  41. ✅sleep in a tent
    selfie I took whilst in said tent
  42. ✅lay in a field
    'twas naked, at the cottage, with my best friends in the world
  43. ✅dance at a club with my sistor
    I did this night
  44. ✅get a new gel liner
  45. ✅gossip while smoking a cigarette with Katherine Williams
  46. ✅go swimming
  47. ✅stay in a hotel
    in rye, NH
  48. ✅model for a brand I fuck with
    motel rocks & influence u !!
  49. sing on one of Colin's tracks
  50. ✅listen to Beyoncés new album (I haven't yet)
    it's awesome
  51. ✅see my cousins
  52. ✅have at least one Fredericton friend (@losercee @mia_peanut ) or ANYONE come visit my new apartment
  53. ✅have a true rofl
    Loser and I accidentally started singing that "say! Geronimo!" song and rofled once we realized what had just happened
  54. ✅not sleep with anyone in Fredericton lmao
    this was easy
  55. ✅plant some flowers
  56. ✅attend a BBQ
    it was only me loser and mum @ the cottage but still counts ?
  57. ✅pull an all nighter
    pretty much every night hahahahaha
  58. ✅️ try a very glittery eyeshadow look
  59. ✅sleep in a bunk bed
  60. ✅get something with my name engraved or personalized
    name patch for me :)
  61. ✅put fake lashes on Lucy
    they looked bomb
  62. ✅get butterflies over a boy
  63. ✅go to the movie theatres
    I saw neighbors 2 and popstar: never stop never stopping and that new Melissa McCarthy movie
  64. ✅️ go on a road trip
  65. ✅see my New York friends
    me and waz got engaged
  66. ✅buy a vintage dress
  67. ✅️ make a great party playlist
    link me if u want a copy
  68. ✅play spin the bottle
    note: it was with a group of 6 girls
  69. ✅eat flintsones vitamin
  70. never take a cab in Montreal. only uber.
  71. ✅get a new phone case
  72. own something made of solid gold
  73. ✅ paint my walls white at new apt
  74. ✅wear a slip dress to the club
    this one from Victoria's Secret, I got a TON of compliments
  75. ✅have my crush comment on a selfie
    he commented "🔥" 😩😍
  76. ✅eat an ice cream sandwich
  77. ✅find out gossip that makes my jaw drop
  78. ✅fall asleep before midnight without a sleeping pill
  79. ✅take a good swimsuit picture
    shoutout to stephy in NYC for the swimsuit and photo cred
  80. ✅cry
  81. watch some good old Zoey 101
  82. ✅have someone ask "what song is this?" when I'm in control of the aux cord
  83. get Mia high
  84. ✅find a new favourite accessory
  85. ✅try Pringle tortilla edition
  86. ✅come up with a cool clothing design
  87. ✅drink 1 beer
    it was Budweiser - king of the beer
  88. sell something on eBay again
  89. get a pedicure
  90. ✅have a stack of cash
  91. ✅finesse into bottle service
  92. ✅do a perfect cat eye
  93. ✅ Airbnb my old apartment to at least 1 customer
    was awkward, prob won't do again lmao
  94. get Lucy a pair of beats by dre(convince muumas)
  95. try "car 2 go"
  96. ✅eat 5 different fruit in one day
  97. watch Nathan for you with Dwap
  98. buy a pair of shoes that make me feel like I can conquer the world
  99. ✅not be disappointed if these aren't all completed :-)