Ok so this was a super challenging list to make as cereal makes up approximately 55% of my diet. It all depends on the day but overall, these are my top 5 faves in no particular order. I'm not sure if it's formatted the way you expected but I've gotta give a major shoutout to @mia_peanut for requesting this list!
  1. Lucky Charms
    A fan favourite, and an easy choice for any cereal connoisseur. There's two major components: the delicious mallows and the cheerio-like bits which I like to call the "dog food". This cereal is always a fun one- with so many different ways to eat it! Eat the dog food first and then enjoy an all marshmallow delicacy, just dig straight in, the fun goes on.
  2. French Toast Crunch
    The less popular little brother to cinnamon toast crunch, French Toast crunch is the unsung hero of the cereal isle. I love everything about it- from its adorable shape to the fabulous sticky feeling of maple syrup this cereal possesses. It makes for very sweet milk and a smile that could last all day. Overall, a great way to kick off the perfect day.
  3. Raisin Bran
    That's right. I love Raisin Bran- sue me! I know this is pretty controversial cereal. Most people associate it with old people but I, at the tender age of 19, am a huge fan of it. Different brands have different raisin to bran ratios (could be a whole list of its own!) but my personal favourite variety is Compliments Maximum Raisin. Raisins truly are natures candy, and if loving them is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  4. Reese's Puffs
    I pour my heart and soul into the Reese's franchise, I get behind every product they make and this cereal is no exception. Though I'm typically not a chocolate cereal kind of girl, somehow Reese's puffs has managed to pull through for me and deliver utmost satisfaction every time. I don't buy it often, maybe only once or twice a year, but it's the kind of cereal I will always reach for if it's in my pantry and I will always come back to it full circle. 10/10 Across the board for every part of it
  5. Just Right
    Yeah, it may be a little bougie at a whopping $8.99 price point and as a student, I'm blessed when I'm staying at my moms house where that type of disposable income exists and am able to indulge in this luxury. The first time I tried this cereal was in Montreal when at a dinner party thrown by one of my dad's friends. I must've been 7 or 8 years old but I knew in that moment that the joy this cereal brought me would follow me for life. A true underdog story.