1. Freddie from Wild Child
    Watching the romantic montage with this British hunk was the first time I ever heard Adele. He is so perfect, and wild child is one of my fave movies.
  2. Link Larken from Hairspray
    sooooo...... dreamy...... this guy has MOVES
  3. Dr Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds
    probably my biggest character crush ever.
  4. Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time
    something about pirates gets me every time.... such a fantasy of mine
  5. Luke Brandon from Confessions of a Shopaholic
    Self made millionaire, British living in New York City, and most importantly- he speaks Prada!!!
  6. Sawyer from Lost
    the ONLY character I agree with on 100% of his choices
  7. Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean
    again.... I have a thing for pirates
  8. Jack from Titanic
    how could you not love young Leo? So cute so cute so cute. & the whole water thing & his criminal past kinda makes him like a pirate too!