1. Hopped off a ride at JFK with a dream but no cardigan
    (this is the fit I was sporting)
  2. Spent my first night at makonnen's apartment in Chelsea
    I didn't arrive at his apartment until after midnight, technically it was a Tuesday, and boy did it go up if you catch my drift
  3. Picked up a couple pieces in soho!
    this jumpsuit, a silk top, a phone case and a tee shirt
  4. Went to a bar with some friends, got a drawing done of myself by the bartender but unfortunately left it there :(
  5. Had a photoshoot on a rooftop by a beauty guru who has 100k followers on Instagram
    still blurry doe
  6. Went to mercers kitchen
    My friend dropped $400 on our meal, it was the tastiest food on this planet.... apparently John legend was upstairs in the special reserved room?????
  7. Went to rye's place in the LES
    this guy
  8. finessed our way into the club "happy ending"
    Met some famous people there too ;)