idea copied from @mia_peanut
  1. A- Artists for Haiti we are the world 25
    LMAO .........
  2. B-Bumble
    was watching a storytime vid and wanted to know what this app was
  3. C- Craigslist Montreal
  4. D- Down in the DM
    great song
  5. E- Echoes of silence the weeknd montreal
    first interview he ever did he fessed up to writing echoes album in Montreal!! I'm a nerd :)
  6. F- Fred armisen snl watch online free
    come to find out it was recorded on my pvr!!
  7. G- Google
    yes, I googled google
  8. H- Highsnobiety
    great website
  9. I- I group dm my exes tell them they belong to me
    couldn't remember what the rest of that line was
  10. J- Jeffrey Campbell sale
  11. K- Kocktails With Khloe online free
    I stream a lot
  12. L- Laundry Room clothing
    actually a pretty lame brand
  13. M- Moco downtown
    to see the menu of course
  14. N- Nasty gal x Courtney love
    amazing collection
  15. O- Ovo fest lineup
  16. P- Paper magazine subscription
    got one
  17. Q- no recent searches
  18. R- Rene Gruau
    one of my fave illustrators / advertising genius of the 1950s-1980s
  19. S- Sweet revenge liquer
    looks pretty good!
  20. T- The parisianer print
    some cool magazine I found
  21. U- Uber everywhere travis remix
    another great song
  22. V- Virgil Abloh girlfriend
    wanted to know if he was single or off limits- he's off limits
  23. W- Where to find jim joe montreal
    a mysterious street artist who has lived in NYC for the last 8 years but is from Montreal!!! Google him he's super interesting. Note: it's his handwriting on "if you're reading this it's too late" and I saw an original piece of his at this cool launch party one time!
  24. X- Xanax
    seems to be all the rage, I don't get it
  25. Y- Young thug tour Canada
    I don't remember when I searched that LOL
  26. Z- Zgallerie
    home decor inspo u know