NUTS, RANKED (in my opinion)

Shoutout to @losercee for the request. Really hard list to make.... I'm just nuts about nuts!!
  1. 10- Chestnut
    The only nut I have negative feelings about. Contrary to what Christmas songs want you to believe- these are neither comforting nor appealing. Their taste is dense, meaty, and not what I'd expect out of a nut.
  2. 9- Pine Nuts
    These little guys are pretty basic, but can really spice up trail mixes and/or recipes. Overall, a pretty casual nut.
  3. 8- Macadamia Nut
    I love the iconic white chocolate & macadamia cookies as much as the next guy, believe me, it's quite an outstanding combo. But as a stand-alone nut, these guys aren't anything to rave about. Another casual nut.
  4. 7- Cashews
    A great snack. One of my favourites in a party mixed nuts situation! The only reason I can place it this low is for it's lack of versatility in my personal experience/taste/knowledge.
  5. 6- Pistachios
    This is where the list starts to get tough, because every nut from this point on I hold very close to my heart. Pistachios are incredible. Usually served salted, I also love pistachio flavoured ice cream!
  6. 5- Walnuts
    When I think of classic, "nutty" taste, walnut is the cynosure in my mind. Walnuts are so amazingly buttery, my mouth is watering just thinking about them!
  7. 4- Almonds
    Although they don't posses quite as much of a distinct flavour as some other nuts, almonds are such a great example of a versatile nut. From candied almonds to almond flour to smoked BBQ almonds, these guys take home the 4th place ribbon in my books. :)
  8. 3- Hazelnuts
    Hazelnuts add such a wow-factor when it comes to desserts. Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Toffifee, the deliciousness never ends.
  9. 2- Peanuts
    An obvious fan favourite. Peanuts are definitely the most important nuts in the majority of people's lives. I don't even think I need to list all of the amazing things these bad boys can produce- you already know ;)
  10. 1- Pecans
    Perhaps you're surprised to see these taking home the #1 prize over peanuts, but to me, these things are heaven sent. In cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, trail mix, and as a stand-alone plain old raw nut, pecans are my absolute favourite. They've got a solid versatility with flavour combos, with all the butteriness of a walnut. Long live the pecan!