I went a little hard last night, and I'm currently lusting/reminiscing about some glorious foods I've craved while hungover
  1. OJ
    preferably from the market, goes super well with a mouse bread (pretzel like roll shaped like a mouse from my hometown farmers market) or some good old Tropicana
  2. Carrot cake
    with nuts, pineapple, coconut, and raisin bits. Topped off with cream cheese frosting.
  3. A&W hotdog
    This one is more for when I haven't had anything to eat all day from being nauseous but then finally getting a huge appetite around 5pm. When I was a kid, I always craved one of these bad boys with some 7Up whenever I was stuffed up/had a cold. I guess it translates over to my hungover crusty sickness. I haven't actually had one of these in years, but boy do I crave 'em.
  4. Restaurant Toast
    Infinitely better than home made toast. Buttered to perfection. I always opt for white bread because it feels more daring a more of a splurge than crumby old whole wheat that I'm used to having at home.
  5. ^Specifically with this
    these jam packets are the shit
  6. Pizza Buns from the superstore/sobeys
    I have yet to find a grocery store in Montreal that sells these delicacies !!!
  7. Penne with pesto
    I am currently eating this as I make this list.