I've done a ton of crazy things and accomplished some pretty amazing things but there are some pretty shocking things I'm still a virgin to!!! Thanks for the request, @shannonalexis !
  1. You heard it right, folks: I've never read a whole book.
    That's right. Although I've read portions and skimmed through lots of books, I've never read a whole one cover to cover. How pulling off a high school average of 94 in English and a college average of 98 in English was easy as pie for me? IDK! Funny enough, I love writing- I write memoirs, Critical Essays, Poetry Books, and even Songs almost daily. Reading though? Nah.
  2. Eaten a hamburger
    I could honestly make an entire list of things I've never eaten: Any pork (other than a bite of ham when I was 4), Gravy, Steak, Fish, Pickles, Beans, any kind of leftover... the list goes on... I'm super weird about food and always have been! What can I say!
  3. Been "Facebook Official"
    I've never had a relationship long enough, secure enough, or stable enough to be one of "those" couples 🙂I'd also like to throw out an honorable mention that I've never been dumped!
  4. Dyed my hair
    just a natural strawberry blonde who ain't ever gonna change
  5. Butt Stuff
    Self explanatory
  6. Studied (alone)
    The only time I ever studied was with Anna in grade 7 for a science quiz. I have a photographic memory so I just take a picture of the board and then get good grades! Hell yeah!
  7. Had a cavity
    Very lucky / blessed / probably undeserving of this one (sorry @losercee, who always brushed better than I)
  8. Attended church
    I've been inside churches for weddings, funerals, and concerts, but I've never been to an actual church "session"??? I don't even know what they're called??