*this is the majority of cases, but certainly not all*
  1. Phase 1: Crush 😇
    I always start off very classic Cher from clueless, wear my cutest outfits, show off how desirable I am (in case he doesn't already know), and keep things super flirty. This always seems to work, his attention is captured and he wants me.
  2. Phase 2: IDK IDK IDK IDK 😥
    Something will happen, (ie. we don't talk for a while, he doesn't like one of my selfies) and I second guess the entire flirty thing!!!! I usually get very confused and think that the whole thing was a waste of time, I try to act like I don't mind, ignore him, move on, but the boy is driVinG Me cRaZY!!!!!&3&:@2'x😥
  3. Phase 3: Whew 😌
    He eventually likes that selfie, or texts me first, I'm in the clear, and I feel pretty fly and in control
  4. Phase 4: The Move 😏
    someone makes a move, maybe a kiss, maybe more, and all in questioning of whether or not this is flirting or nah is out the window
  5. Phase 5: wut do I do 😬
    At this point, the guy is locked in. I start to ask myself if I could see myself with him in a long term setting, this scares me. I feel as though the boy is clingy and start to notice other guys. He feels threatened by this, and asks me what I want, to which I respond, "I don't know..."
  6. Over it 😒
    I usually find out something annoying about them, or they just don't treat me how I want or understand who I am and how I think, I can't deal with guys like this, so I get over it
  7. Onto the next one 🙃
    Another day, another dollar.