Saw a few people doing lists like this a while back, so here's mine!
  1. January
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    Designed some posters to sell at a local store that was newly opened called Goods Boutique. If you're ever in Ottawa, it's a cute place to check out!
  2. February
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    Jake and @amir used my artwork for their podcast!
  3. March
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    Met one my favourite actresses/celebrities, Kiernan Shipka, on the set of a movie she happened to be filming in my hometown. It's a pretty crazy story. I'll probably write a list about it sometime.
  4. April
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    Met Elisabeth Moss (she should get @list !) She was so lovely to talk to! She came out after her unbelievably phenomenal performance in The Heidi Chronicles to sign playbills and say hi. I'll never forget that she called me 'smart'. Seriously so so cool.
  5. May
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    Took this candid of my beautiful mom when we were out for brunch. Her radiant smile can always cheer me up!
  6. June
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    This is me dressed up from when my brother graduated high school. We'd both gone to the same k-12 Jewish school our entire lives, but due to low high-school enrollment, grades 9-12 were eliminated following his graduation. The ceremony was bitter sweet, but I was so proud of what my brother accomplished (he raked in the awards!)
  7. July
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    Took an art class and eventually had enough hand-eye coordination to draw this!
  8. August
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    Went to LA with my dad on the first trip we've taken just the two of us. It was a blast!
  9. September
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    Ties into the March photo on the movie set in Ottawa. Went to the movie's premiere and got a bunch of people whom I admire immensely to sign a poster I designed for the film. Again, crazy crazy story.
  10. October
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    Halloween! I'm Jewish, but sometimes this holiday is just too much fun to resist 😄🎃💕
  11. November
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    My 3rd collage design selected for publication on the rookiemag website!
  12. December
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    Went to see Zander Hawley perform his EP release concert at the Bootleg Theatre where I met so many wonderful people, including him!
  13. Thanks for reading! It's been a pretty crazy year and these are some of the highlights. No year is perfect and there have been plenty of low-points along the way, but looking at the positives makes me more excited for what's to come in 2016! Happy new year everyone!