This is tough to narrow down, but I've listed 8 of my current favourite accounts. Enjoy!
  1. January Jones (@januaryjones)
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    January is by far the best hashtag user I have come across. Her bizarre sense of humor is always amusing and she never seems as though she's trying too hard. She's just blatantly and unabashedly herself, which is a key quality in a killer instagram account.
  2. Elaine Woohoo (@elaineewoohoo)
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    I'm non entirely sure who this wonderful woman is, but she posts fabulous photos of her stylish outfits and lovely surroundings. She's chic and gets straight to the point with concise captions. Her account is definitely a standout for me.
  3. Grecia Llarena (@purplewallflower)
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    Grecia is an absolute gem of a human being. Her photos are gorgeous, but what really captivates me are her eloquent and honest captions. She somehow shares the perfect advice at just the right time, which has helped me a lot. I always love her posts.
  4. Kiernan Shipka (@kiernanshipka)
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    Kiernan isn't only a talented actress and fashion connoisseur, she's also an absolutely wonderful photographer. She has an eye for detail that's clear to see in both her fashion sense and her Instagram gallery. Also, her food photos are gorgeous and they helped me plan my itinerary for a trip to L.A.
  5. I have this thing with floors (@ihavethisthingwithfloors)
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    This is just a fun account for anyone who loves funky footwear paired with extravagant floor design.
  6. Design Milk (@designmilk)
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    Design Milk posts interesting photos of advances in product/furniture/building design. This can range from futuristic european houses to unique and modern chairs. It's always refreshing to be reminded of the constant creativity that goes in to everyday products.
  7. Zara (@zara)
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    Zara is my favourite store because their kids department is extraordinarily wonderful. I'm of a relatively small stature for a sixteen year old, so Zara kids has been a go-to for me over the years. Their clothes always look elegant and classy, but they often have a chic and lively edge. The instagram focuses more on the adult clothing lines, but it's still beautiful to look at.
  8. Brandon Sapp (@ibrandonsapp)
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    I stumbled upon this account a while back and I've been following it ever since. Brandon posts beautiful pictures of people and buildings in Los Angeles. He's a very talented photographer and he knows how to capture a moment brilliantly. I always enjoy seeing his professional-looking posts.