1. I rarely go on Twitter, but I did one of my occasional checks just to see if anything interesting was going on
  2. After scrolling for about 30 seconds, I see this!
  3. Second half of photo
  4. I MADE THAT COLLAGE! ✨💩🌈 (where's the insanely excited emoji? I guess this could work 🙀)
    Rookiemag has a monthly collage assembly challenge and that was my assembly! I assembled that and then I saw one of my biggest icons tweet it out into the world/twittersphere! 🌍😮
  5. I am overwhelmed rn
    My knees got weak and I felt like I just won an oscar (maybe a bit of a dramatization, but still..) This is insane. I am so happy/shocked right now so I decided to organize my feelings in this list
  6. Further explanation of why I'm so excited about this tweet
    The tweeter, (is that what they're called? I don't use the app enough), Tavi Gevinson, created a website and yearbooks for teenage girls encouraging self-confidence and creating an open and connected community filled with so many wonderful, talented, and incredible people. She is a creative genius and a spectacular human being!! I highly recommend checking out Rookiemag 📖💕
  7. Thank you thank you thank you @tavi!
    You just made me super happy and I'm so glad you liked my collage! You are really inspiring and amazing and what you've accomplished is inexplicably awesome. I hope to contribute more to Rookiemag in the future 💖
  8. Have a great weekend everyone!