This will be a long list. I will update as days pass. Itinerary planned by me with help from Instagram and @list
  1. On the plane
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    Flying from Ottawa to Calgary at 6:00 am
  2. Plane #2
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    Calgary to LA. I watched Paper Towns for most of the flight. Having read the book first, I found the movie mediocre.
  3. Arrival
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    Staying in a wonderful room at the Ace Hotel. The décor here is fantastic, but the caring staff are what really distinguish this boutique hotel from other local spots. Highly recommend!
  4. B.S. Taqueria
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    Best tacos ever. Amazing service. Grooving atmosphere. The manager introduced himself and made sure we were enjoying the food, which we definitely were. There's nothing quite like Cactus and Hibiscus tacos followed by Churros and mexican chocolate sauce for desert.
  5. Surprise!
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    More calories hand delivered by the incredibly wonderful workers here at the Ace Hotel. Don't know how people in LA stay so skinny!
  6. Day 2 - Eggslut! 🍳
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    Walked to Grand Central Market for a long-awaited meal at the infamous 'Eggslut' restaurant. This place is amazing and its awesome reputation is well-deserved. The Fairfax and Slut sandwiches were both incredibly delicious!
  7. G&B
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    After-breakfast snack at one of my favourite coffee places in the city.
  8. The Broad (rhymes with road)
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    The line for this museum was crazy long - like 200 people or more. We happened to get in line with someone who just happened to be a Jewish man from Ottawa with his 5 yr old son. I am also Jewish and from Ottawa. Not only that, but we told him about my uncle who's had 2 double-lung transplants and he said, "Do you mean Jay Sokoloff?". He had gone to summer camp in Quebec with my uncle and now he lives in NYC. Little coincidences like this and people like him are inexplicably marvelous to me.
  9. Formerly Yes
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    Visited one of my favourite stores and met the lovely co-owner (as well as her equally lovely dog). Told her the whole story of my uncle and the Broad chance encounter. She was super nice and it was such a pleasure to meet her!
  10. Il Caffè
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    Got my favourite little peach drink at the café beside Acne Apparel. So yummy!
  11. Poketo
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    Love this cute home décor/stationery/cool stuff shop
  12. Alchemy Works
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    Got a super soft grey shirt. Also a wonderful store with gorgeous interior design.
  13. Café Gratitude
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    Delicious vegan eats
  14. Go Get Em Tiger
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    Got a yummy cookie to make up for all the calories I didn't eat at the aforementioned healthy vegan restaurant
  15. Bootleg Theatre
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    Met some incredibly cool people at one of the best concerts I've been to. Zander Hawley was playing along with Phoebe Bridgers. I met Phoebe, Amandla Stenberg, re-met @kiki, and got a poster signed by Zander himself. It was really a fantastic night!
  16. Amandla Stenberg
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    She's amazing. Amandla is an intelligent and outspoken activist for people of colour, she's a fantastic actress, talented musican, and all-around wonderful human being. Meeting her was so so cool.
  17. Nolan Gould
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    Nolan was walking outside the theatre so I got a quick picture. He's as cool as one would expect him to be. Such a genuinely nice and grounded guy. Apologies for my odd mouth shape in this photo. I was talking as it was taken, so it's not the most flattering shot 😁
  18. Day 3! Left the Ace Hotel
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    The staff were so nice and I want to come back as soon as possible. Love the Ace Hotel so much!
  19. Arrived at The Line
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    Another fantastic hotel, this one is in Koreatown. Lovely staff and great atmosphere.
  20. Breakfast at Trois Familia
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    This awesome new restaurant in Silverlake is filled with trendy hipsters and immensely delicious food. The Dolce de Leche crepe is a must!
  21. Walking around
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    Went to a bunch of the cool stores in Silverlake, like Clare V., Retrosuperfuture, and APC. Stopped in at Alfred Coffee where my dad saw Colin Hanks. I was in the bathroom and missed his cameo. Supposedly he's a regular there. Very cool!
  22. Insane coincidence!!
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    In Hemingway and Pickett, my dad spotted another celebrity, a young - and spectacularly fashionable - director named Oz Perkins, who's Antony Perkins' son. Oz directed February, a feature film shot in Ottawa, where I live, starring Emma Roberts, Lucy Boynton, and @kiki. It's a long story, but I met Oz and Kiernan on the set in Ottawa and again at the movie's afterparty. On this trip, I ran into both of them by total chance within 24 hours. I was shocked when I saw him there. Absolutely insane
  23. Lunch @ Sqirl
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    Met one of my favourite chefs, Jessica Koslow, at one of my favourite restaurants, Sqirl. She is a creative and culinary genius and meeting her, I was just as starstruck as meeting a famous actor. She was really welcoming and kind, such a lovely person. If you live in LA and have not eaten at Sqirl, go there asap! Order the Brioche with Ricotta and Jam. Do it.
  24. Order this
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  25. Dinner @ Night + Market Song
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    Cool restaurant with tasty thai food. The coconut sticky rice and vegan curry were fantastic! ▫️🍚▫️
  26. Dessert - Jitlada Thai
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    Following up on @bjnovak and many other recommendations, I visited Jitlada for the first time. I met the owner, Jazz, and she is a very kind person. She was super busy too! I ordered the fried banana with coconut ice cream and it was extraordinarily yummy. Will have to return some other time for a full meal. It's a great spot!
  27. Day 4 - Langer's
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    #19 for breakfast. I'm a big fan of Schwartz's in Montreal and this sandwich was better than anything I've ordered there. Definitely recommend this place, and the #19 sandwich!
  28. Antique store
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    Visited an awesome antique shop in dtla (I forget what it is called). The owner is Israeli and I spoke some Hebrew with her. There was a wonderful collection of vintage items, mostly midcentury.
  29. Verve Coffee
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    Ordered the juice flight, which is an assortment of juices. Went from yummy to disgusting to spicy to that acidic taste you get when you vomit in your mouth back to yummy again. All in all, I'd rather have gotten a Chai Latté, but it was fun to try!
  30. The Line
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    Packed up the stuff at the hotel. Here's a photo of some cool/fashionable guests there.
  31. Erewhon Market
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    Purchased some healthy snacks for the plane
  32. Pygmy Hippo Shoppe
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    This tiny store is adorable and there are so many cute treasures there! I got a necklace with hands holding a diamond. It is right near Erewhon.
  33. Bottega Louie
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    Had a delicious lunch at this wonderful establishment. Love how my jacket is such a contrast to the vibe of the restaurant. I was wearing a nice blazer underneath, so it's all good.
  34. Bottega Louie 2
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    Purchased some unhealthy snacks to counteract the aforementioned healthy ones from Erewhon. I don't know what got fatter on this vacation, my suitcase or me!
  35. Abbott Kinney
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    Most of the cool stores (like Vinyl) were closed before I could check them out, but the walk around this neighbourhood was much needed after the amount of food I'd eaten!
  36. Sunset @ Venice Beach
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    Stared at the sun for a few mins and tried to take photos of birds with palm trees. The cold wind prevented me from staying too long. 💨❄️
  37. Animal for dinner
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    Not super impressed with this place after my awesome experiences at Petit Trois and Jon & Vinny's in the summer. The food was very rich, the music was very loud, and the lighting was very dark. Also, the waiter didn't tell us that the plates were large so we ordered way too much and overstuffed ourselves. I'm sure it can be a great place when done properly, but we just didn't order the right things. Would rather have gone to Jon & Vinny's.
  38. Back to gget!
    We didn't want to end the vacation on a mediocre note, so we took a quick stop at gget, one of my favourite coffee spots. Met Brian, a cool barista from Alaska who graciously gave me a free pastry. It was an awesome way to conclude the trip!
  39. It's almost over
    Just have to take a redeye to TO and then another flight to Ottawa. Will likely post some plane photos to conclude this extensive list. Thanks so much for reading all this! I didn't expect such a big response and this is just another reason I adore the listapp community! Merry christmas 💖🎄😊