I was asked to make a five-page children's book for my Art class last term, so I decided that Mad Men would be a good subject. The storybook is supposed to look unique and use interesting combinations of mediums. I've noticed that there are some Mad Men fans on this app, so I thought I'd share the book here.
  1. Title Page
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    I searched through so many vintage photos/artwork from the sixties and jumped with joy when I saw this one. It looks exactly like Don and Megan! I couldn't believe it! I graphically added some things, like a photo of Madison Avenue from the 1960s, a still from the opening of the show, and some vintage typewriters.
  2. Page 1
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    Fun fact: I used the same font for my text that is used in the show's title. I like it because it is very clear, bold, and simple. "Simple, but significant" -Don Draper
  3. Page 2
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    The background came from a vintage 'This is New York' book that I scanned onto my computer. The Madison Ave. sign was added by me digitally. I absolutely love the artwork in 'This is New York' so I was happy to incorporate it!
  4. Page 3
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    Each of these ads/companies were shown on the series. I specifically enjoyed the season 7 opener of Freddie's (Don's) amazing Accutron pitch and also that Peggy immediately tried to put her own spin on it.
  5. Page 4
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    Had to include a reference to the McCann Peggy badass hallway scene. Unfortunately due to my target audience of children, I had to replace the sensual octopus with a cup of apple juice. 🐙
  6. Page 5
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    I wanted to add something to demonstrate the positive strides that have been made since the 60s, such as greater racial acceptance, though discrimination of those who are racially or otherwise different is still prominent today. Thankfully, more and more people are pushing for positive change and increased acceptance. The T.V. image ties into this because it is from when Don, Peggy, and Pete sat united at Burger Chef. The touching idea of family/unity is why that is one of my favourite scenes 👪
  7. Thanks for reading!