1. Petit Trois
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    This little French Bistro is bit of a hidden gem and the food there is phenomenally delicious. I sat at the counter, where I had a perfect view of the exposed kitchen. I can only think to describe the experience as "a front row seat to the food network". The French onion soup was incredibly flavourful and the fried chicken was scrumptious. Absolutely loved it.
  2. Jon & Vinny's
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    As a fan of interior design, this modern pizza place immediately stood out. Its wooden booths and walls create a soothing and hip atmosphere. I ordered the L.A. Woman and it was marvelous. The combo of the thin crust, sauce, burratta cheese, and basil melted in my mouth. The peach dessert was also amazing.
  3. Alma
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    Alma was only a block from where I stayed. It was my first meal of the trip and I loved it. Each dish had a simple and elegant presentation and there was a spectacular variety of delicious flavours. Also, the interior design was absolutely beautiful.
  4. Sqirl
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    This Silverlake brunch spot has a well-deserved positive reputation. There was a short line, but the wait was barely noticeable since the service was so fast and efficient. The French toast was decadent and flavourful, but the standout was the Greens, eggs, and jam. I'm now hooked on the whole 'toast, eggs, and jam' combo. Also, the rasperry vanilla jam is indescribably tasty. I bought one it's already almost empty. If only they shipped them to Canada!
  5. The Ace Hotel
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    The restaurant at the Ace is definitely the best hotel restaurant at which I've had the pleasure to dine. Great toast with avocado, delicious and refreshing orange juice, and a cool atmosphere.
  6. Elf Cafe
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    Another great Silverlake spot, this vegetarian café offers delicious salads and brunch-style cuisine.