Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. As followers on any of my social media accounts know, I'm a really big fan of Mad Men
  2. My greatest triumph is one of my many Mad Men related endeavours
  3. This particular endeavor was to create a full alphabetical tribute to the show.
  4. I decided to take important characters, themes, settings, and objects from Mad Men and I made an alphabet out of the series.
  5. At the beginning, I edited and altered illustrations that someone else had made of the show into an alphabet, since I didn't have any substantial graphic design software of my own
  6. It took weeks and in hindsight was quite stupid
  7. I wanted to share the designs on Instagram as a public tribute for fans to see and connect with
  8. I asked the owner (after I'd finished creating the alphabet) if I could share these images (non-commercially, with attribution to her) but she didn't want to see them and didn't want me to share them
  9. So I did not share the designs anywhere and hadn't shared them before I asked her. I know how awful that would be. I was hoping she'd be open to the fun fandom-based collaboration, but she wasn't and that was that.
  10. So I started from the beginning
  11. This time, I used photos taken from the show and built the alphabet anew
  12. It took a long time
  13. But I was fueled by passion and love of the influential series
  14. I eventually finished it and shared each image with long explanatory captions on Instagram (the account is madmenabc) as the final episodes were released.
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  15. I gathered almost 500 followers at one point, which was significantly more than I expected!
  16. Every night, I would search up the Mad Men hashtag and inform people of my tribute. A shocking amount of people actually took the time to look at it and read through it piece by piece
  17. It was just the coolest feeling of triumph and collaboration and shared love over an incredibly impactful tv series
  18. Sola Bamis (who plays the fashionable and hilarious Shirley on Mad Men) followed the account! I felt so happy!
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  19. Stephanie Drake (the incredibly funny Meredith on the show) also followed along!
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  20. Janie Bryant (the show's costume designer and all-around awesome person) commented and liked the post I made about fashion's significant role in Mad Men and her talent in ensuring that role was successfully fulfilled
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  21. And finally
  22. Jessica Paré followed my accounts
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  23. Megan Draper
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  24. My Canadian icon 🇨🇦💕👯
    (3rd emoji is us doing Zou Bisou Bisou together)
  25. Sidefact: my mom was born in Montreal and so was Jess Paré
    It's really cool that someone born so close to where I live (Ottawa) scored a role in such an awesome show and that she played the role flawlessly, setting a phenomenal example for Canadian actors 💖
  26. I was overflowing with happiness for like 3 days straight from that!!
  27. Even typing it right now makes me giddy ☺️
  28. So that is my greatest triumph. I still look at the account occasionally when I'm feeling nostalgic about the series.
    It just makes me more nostalgic, but it also fills me with so much happiness.
  29. Thank you for reading!
    If any of you know anyone who was in Mad Men or appreciates the show, feel free to tell them about this tribute! It's still up on Instagram ✨