These are some bands I enjoy, mostly Canadian. There are a lot that I didn't include, but I might update this list bit by bit to add some more. Enjoy!
  1. Wooden Sky
    This folky group from Toronto is a long-time favourite of mine. Their songs are immediately distinguishable, mostly because of Gavin's wistful and evocative vocals. Unfortunately, they don't play in Ottawa very often, but when they do, I try to catch their performances. (Some good songs: When We Were Young, Oh my god, Let's be ready)
  2. Alabama Shakes
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    This soul-jazz-funk band are a spectacular group to see live. Brittany Howard, the lead singer, is an absolute powerhouse. Her voice takes charge in the culmination of rocking and groovy sounds that characterizes their music. (Some good songs: Don't wanna fight, Sound and Colour, Be Mine)
  3. Kalle Mattson
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    This Sault St. Marie native is immensely talented. His album, 'Some Day The Moon Will Be Gold' was nominated for a Polaris Music Prize in 2014. His genre is a unique take on folk/alternative rock. What really stands out is the staple trumpet that brings each song to life. I would say that Kalle would've been perfectly cast as the guy who sounds like Bob Dylan in Inside Llewyn Davis by the Cohen Brothers. (Some good songs: Avalanche, Water Falls, Pick Me Up)
  4. Jim Bryson
    I don't know how to describe Jim. He's certainly unique and also very talented. He's just got this personality that's so easy to connect with. And his fantastic sense of humor is ever-present in his performances. His genre is Indie-Rock, but there are hints of folk as well. (Some good songs: Sleeping in Toronto, The Wishes Pile Up, Pissing on Everything)
  5. Lucius
    I just recently discovered Lucius and am still uncertain how to pronounce their name. They're a five piece indie pop band from Brooklyn. When I saw them perform, the two lead vocalists, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, were clad in identical 60s style yellow dresses with silver tights and green tinted oversized sunglasses. That, combined with their cool tunes, made me fall in love with them on the spot. (Some good songs: Turn It Around, Wildewoman, Tempest)