There's an instagram account called 'ihavethisthingwithfloors' that posts people's footwear on cool floors. It's inspired me to take a lot of photos of my own shoes and shoes around me. Here are some of those!
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    Wearing white socks with black heels in a parking lot
    Starting a trend here
  2. β€’
    Patterned slacks and coral lace-ups
    These two emojis go well with this photo: πŸ„πŸŒ€
  3. β€’
    Vintage boots on my garage floor
    Sort of bland, but they have cool detailing on the back
  4. β€’
    Comparing Nikes
    I went with the smaller/lighter ones (as you'll see in a bunch of these photos)
  5. β€’
    Not even mine, but I love this profusely so it's going in here
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    Floral pants & white sneakers
  7. β€’
    Fancy shmancy shoes
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    Patterned nikes and patterned carpet
  9. β€’
    My mom's, dad's, and brother's shoes
    Including the whole fam in this list πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦πŸ’–πŸ‘Ÿ
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    My shoes and my mom's tiny FjΓ€llrΓ€ven backpack
    I was pretty into those floral pants for a while
  11. β€’
    My Docs in a blue circle
    At the Alabama Shakes concert!! They were so good and I'm glad I got a pic of my feet to remember! (I also got tons of photos of them, so it's even better)
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    At the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles
    Legit took so many photos of that mirror, probably my favourite thing in the museum. (Am I egotistical for that?) But also there's so many other cool things there! It's definitely worth visiting!
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    In the elevator at The Line hotel in LA
    Love that hotel so much & I highly recommend it
  14. β€’
    Standing on Palm Trees
  15. β€’
    Accidental photo
  16. β€’
    This water is two inches taller than me
  17. β€’
    If my parents ever allowed me to get a dog, this adorable little beagle is what I'd choose! I honestly love it so much and usually I don't care too much about random dogs, but this one was special. It's owned by an employee at Frank & Oak in Ottawa. πŸΆπŸ’–
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    Chanel store in Vegas
    Didn't like the fact that some malls in Vegas have ceilings painted to look like the sky and are constantly set to 7:00 pm time period. Makes you lose all sense of day/night and is sort of freaky. An employee said goodnight to me but it was like 3:00... The Chanel store was cool though
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    My shoe next to artwork at The Broad museum
  20. β€’
    At the awesome Ace Hotel in LA
    Love this place so very much! The employees are incredibly cool & kind! πŸ’•
  21. β€’
    Another doggy!
    This one was outside of Sqirl, an amazing brunch spot in Silverlake
  22. β€’
    Abbott Kinney
    Taken outside the Happy Socks store ✨
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    Thanks for reading! Feel free to suggest your own shoe pics or make shoe lists & tag me in them! πŸ‘ŸπŸ’•
  24. β€’
    Dead fish on the road in Taipei! 😳
    Suggested by Β  @allievice
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    This cruise ship carpet is the only one I have saved on my phone πŸ›³βœ¨
    Suggested by Β  @lame
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    The Ridges at Ohio University
    Suggested by Β  @jennifergster
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    Sperries with red and white striped socks
    Fun fact: the day this was taken, I was wearing these socks for the first time. I was talking to a friend in class and accidentally blurted out (loud enough so everyone heard), "I just LOVE my socks!!"
    Suggested by Β  @shreyasaurus