@thebroadmuseum is fantastic and was definitely worth the long wait in line, though I'd recommend reserving tickets online since it's free and saves time. Here are some photos I took there.
  1. So foggy outside!
  2. Up the escalator
  3. Cool guy rocking a white mustache
    I love taking photos of people in front of artwork and find that a lot of people are inclined towards art that resembles them in some way. There's a photo that better exemplifies this later in the list.
  4. Norms on fire
    Very cool piece of art that incorporates a well-loved LA restaurant
  5. Description of the piece
  6. People drawn to art
    This is what I was talking about regarding people being attracted to art that resembles them. I think it's so cool and I'm happy I was able to get a photo!
  7. Giant table
    For me, as a major Mad Men/Last Man on Earth fan, the coolest thing about this was the fact that January Jones took a photo under the same table! The artistic component of it is also awesome though
  8. Another example of that whole 'ppl drawn to art' thing
  9. Jacket matches sculpture
    I was going to wear a plain grey jacket but the weather changed my plans. Luckily, this made-in-Japan piece from Tricofield matched really well with some of the artwork!
  10. Dots & Planets!
  11. Close enough?
  12. Jacket again!
  13. Rainy Broad
    That's all. Thanks for reading/viewing. Hope this inspires a trip to the museum for some quality time with family/friends/oneself/cool artwork. Happy Holidays! 💫