1. I always love to see young and ambitious people bravely sharing their work and pursuing what they're passionate about
  2. I had the chance to briefly meet one of such people at a concert in LA
  3. Her name is Tula and she's a wonderful young artist
  4. She's really talented and takes beautiful photos, along with painting, writing, and drawing.
  5. I find it inspiring and motivating that she follows her ambitions regardless of her age and proudly shares her awesome work
  6. After meeting Tula, I spent some time on Adobe Illustrator
  7. I made some fan art of her and sent it over on Instagram
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  8. She was super nice and so glad to have been an inspiration!
  9. I was so happy! It's wonderful to see all the inspiration taking place with young female artists right now, whether it's spawned by shared teenage experience or important subjects like sexism or feminism, and it's made me optimistic about how this community of artists can help overcome archaic boundaries and better each other in doing so
  10. Earlier tonight, Tula posted my artwork on Instagram
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  11. She wrote a really nice message along the same lines as this list which inspired me to share all this
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  12. I'm really glad young people can come together to motivate each other, whether they're male, female, transgender, painters, writers, videographers, engineers, black, white, asian, or from any demographic/cultural background whatsoever.
    I think we should stop being limited by our differences and start being motivated by them, by what we can learn from them and by how we can use our own experiences to inspire and connect with others. When that happens, it evokes joy, pride, and hopes of a world in which these types of collaborative experiences are even more common.
  13. That is my rant. Thank you for reading!
    Feel free to go out and tell someone you respect how you feel and that they've had an impact on you, and maybe let their influence motivate you to create something. Sharing respect can be really meaningful and this positivity can help to break down barriers of prejudice and discrimination. There are inspiring people all around; mothers, old friends, teachers, children, teenagers, etc. Acknowledging their impacts can be really positive for everyone! 😊