1. First KDU lunch when I met all the ladies
  2. Quality time with Jeannie and Dan
  3. Milk lunch no matter the pastry
  4. Bus rides to the culvert with Marg by side and every tree we passed and every song we sang
  5. The heat of the contra dance
  6. Oatmeal raisin cookies
  7. Ellen's chin
  8. Hilltop moments
  9. Sunset swinging
  10. Field frolicking
  11. Voices synchronizing
  12. Tom Howe being
  13. Rain during the outback (gorp)
  14. Realizing all the talent around me
  15. Never wanting it to end !!!
  16. Shooting stars on the last night
  17. Lucia
  18. Hannah as a dorm head
  19. Red maple (and all that comes with it)
  20. Puddle mud in my toes
  21. Forming incredible relationships ❤️
  22. Damn this is almost impossible to list
  23. North Hampton (cute ass town!!)
  24. The food holy cow props to you KDU