"Let's get drinks" is the most boring thing to hear when someone asks you out.
  1. Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles
    There are 30-something food vendors here. Let's go and order one item from as many as we can.
  2. High school football game
    John Burroughs High School in Burbank is ideal for this (I look best in red and white). Bring a sack lunch of sandwiches and those Sofia Coppola juice box size champagnes. Tell me you can't tell that I am a decade older than the students attending the game and I'll let you feel one (1) boob - the left one is slightly superior - underneath the bleachers.
  3. Run my errands with me
    This might be controversial. I recognize that it sounds dull. But! I am really, really busy. I travel constantly & am always behind on errands. I need to get wine for a dinner party/visit the fish monger/get my oil changed/drop my overdue books off at the library. I always look forward to the first errands I run with a potential boyfriend because if they can make me laugh then, they can make me laugh anytime. This goes both ways. Need a new suit or bath mat? I'd love for you to take my advice.
  4. A long walk
    I'd die of excitement if someone told me they wanted to go on a long walk. Bring me a tea (Earl Grey) or a flask (bourbon) and let's walk around the Silver Lake Reservoir twice, pet the dogs at the dog park, and laugh at the man doing squats on the park bench.
  5. Amateur Boxing Match
    I realize this is very specific to me, but if you know me even a little bit you know I love boxing.
  6. Bonus! Fellas/Ladies choice: Show me your freewheelin' intellect
    What are you good at? Teach me something I can't learn on the Internet, and I'm yours.
  7. Ok, fine, we can get drinks
    But they better be at the Chili's in Encino.