Are any of these fetishes? He would have plenty of footage!
  1. Woman desperately searching for her car keys that are in her pocket fetish
  2. Woman rehearsing original choreography to Digital Underground's Same Song: ) fetish
    This has never once come on at a party, but you never know! If you ask me nicely I will show you, but I'd prefer it if you just played the song at a party
  3. Woman eating spoonfuls of miso paste straight from the tub before bed fetish
  4. Woman playing one song from a record before putting another one on instead of making a playlist on her computer fetish
    Very cool way to bore friends!
  5. Woman flushing every third pee because she lives alone and there's a drought and who cares fetish
    Probably an actual fetish!
  6. Woman talking back to some podcast fetish
    You do it, too
  7. Woman painting portraits of celebrities she had a crush on fetish
  8. Woman checking under her bed after a night out or trip to make sure there are no rapists or deranged exes fetish