1. bob dylan and joan baez - mama you been on my mind
    concert at philharmonic hall, 1964 - The harmonies are perfect but it gets great when they forget the lyrics halfway through
  2. sam cooke - havin' a party
    Live at the Harlem square club, 1963. I'd give my left boob to have been there for the whole show.
  3. jeff buckley - if you knew
    Live at Sin-é
  4. simon and garfunkel - the dangling conversation
    Live from NYC, 1967
  5. the talking heads - this must be the place (naive melody)
    Stop Making Sense, 1984
  6. the beatles - get back
    On the rooftop of apple records, 1969. If only for their last live performance ever.
  7. pulp - common people
    Glastonbury, 1995.
  8. donny hathaway - jealous guy
    Live album from the troubadour, 1972.
  9. the shirelles - will you love me tomorrow
    1961. My favorite song.