In the Miley Cyrus song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" she mentions that there must be 50 ways but only names five! Here are some more:
  1. Volunteer to colonize Mars, Lars
  2. Sell her to a Saudi prince, Vince
  3. Sacrifice her to Satan, Peyton
  4. Drink yourself to death, Seth
  5. Tell her you lost interest when you heard her fart, Bart
  6. Ditch her after your improv show, Joe
  7. Tell her you need to break up, like a mature and emotionally evolved grown up man, Dan
  8. Change your Facebook relationship status to single, Dingle
  9. Drastically alter your appearance so she doesn't recognize you anymore, Thor
  10. Tell her you're leaving cuz the way she says "surfboart" is driving you crazy, Jay-Z
  11. Take off with your side piece, Reece
  12. Stop returning her texts and hope she takes the hint, Clint