1. "nowhere is it written that i have to work in law. Google it."
  2. "I had walking pneumonia for six months last year and do not like Florida"
  3. "Im allergic to pork yeast and have latex fruit syndrome"
  4. "I'm not moving to new york. Im budhist."
  5. "Im organic because i have hashimotis. Im also vegan. I got rid of all my suits"
  6. "The men i don't want are going to just have to deal. We don't live in a police state and im tired of SAG AFTRA violating my rights for boys who expressed interest in me when i wants a career and wotk i love back on sets."
  7. "I want to be able to study at AFI Los angeles 6 blocks from my house that is onky blocks from my house"
  8. "Dempsey knows rain Wilson and apparently im not allowed to Twitter to Wilson as a fan"
  9. "Accuses me of doing nasty things including cradle robbing and sleeping with someone on tge first date. The youngest guy ive dated is 18 and i was ten years older at the time and he lied about his age. That was in 2003"
  10. "I never attacked anyone other than verbally"