It's a word
  1. Dostoyevsky
    So Russian
  2. Catherine the Great
    Quite Russian
  3. Me
    I'm actually Czech, but I pretend to be Russian on long flights to amuse myself and lie to strangers
  4. Tolstoy
    So Russian
  5. Ponyryov
    Fictional character, still very Russian
  6. Putin
    RUSSIAN, all caps
  7. Brezhnev
    YOOPS have you SEEN those eyebrows? Russian.
  8. Lenin
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    V Russian despite showing up in the shadows of Silver Lake all the time
  9. Yeltsin
    со руссион
  10. Stravinsky
    So Russian
  11. Anna Chapman
    What's more Russian than a spy? (Besides Brezhnevs eyebrows)
  12. Rasputin
  13. Vodka
    The only thing anyone ever gave me for breakfast there
  14. Ralph Fiennes
    As Eugene Onegin from the 1999 film
  15. Ivan Drago
  16. Honorary: Boris and Natasha
    They're actually from Pottsylvania
  17. Anton Chekhov
    Suggested by @ChrisK