what a time to be alive
  1. This cactus looks like a dick
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    That's right, I've seen a dick before
  2. This cactus also looks like a dick
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  3. This shadow looks like Lenin
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  4. This stain on my shirt looks like Mary praying
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    Someone get channel 12 on the phone!
  5. This guy from How to Get Away with Murder looks like C. Thomas Howell in blackface
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  6. This kid looks like French Stewart
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  7. This dad (mine) looks like Gallagher
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  8. This person looks like Mrs. Doubtfire
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  9. This French fry looks like a face
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    He wouldn't be smiling if he knew he was about to be EATEN
  10. This beautiful oasis of landscaping looks like common ground dirt and weeds
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