Where were you?
  1. Princess Di died:
    Dad's condo/Phoenix. My parents split up when I was really young and this was one of the four weekends a year my dad had his kids. He was going to let me stay up and watch SNL, but coverage of this accident was the only thing on television. We watched some movie I don't remember, and after he went to bed I discovered soft core porn on cable.
  2. 9-11:
    Dad's House/Chandler, AZ. I was going to play hooky from school and go on a date with an Older Guy named David Bellis (AIM name: ASSJAMMER). He woke me up that morning by calling me and telling me he wasn't sure we could have our day date, because we - the U.S. - were under attack. I hung up, and stood in the backyard for an hour wondering how my life was going to change. We ended up going out after all (to Applebee's and Hollywood Video, where we rented Joe Dirt.) I never saw him again.
  3. OJ Simpson drove his white Bronco:
    Mom's House/Mesa, AZ. I cried because coverage of the chase trumped ABCs TGIF lineup, and I was just a little kid so I had nothing else to live for. We watched the verdict in class. My teacher at the time was Mr. Abraham. He was a fiery man who had grown up in Argentina, and when he heard "Not Guilty" he threw a coffee mug at the wall, stormed out of the class, and didn't come back for the rest of the day.
  4. Northridge Earthquake:
    Aunt's House/Northridge, CA. This is one of the top ten worst days of my life.
  5. Kurt Cobain died:
    Robson Elementary School playground/Mesa, AZ. Some older kid asked me if I was sad because Kurt Cobain died. I said I didn't know who that was (in 1994 I was listening to Ace of Base and show tunes). He made fun of me and I told him not to, because I had AIDS and you shouldn't pick on dying people. I got in a lot of trouble for saying that, and the next day everyone had to spend their recess listening to a teacher talking about why lying is bad, especially about AIDS.
  6. The Columbine Massacre:
    Mrs Farnsworth's Science Class/Mesa, AZ. We were released early from school and my best friend at the time - Stefanie Matulevicius - and I thought somehow we had conjured this tragedy by spending the morning listening to a song by some terrible pop punk band called Homegrown. They had a song called She's Anti, about an outcast who murders her classmates on April 28th.
  7. The Berlin Wall came down:
    Babysitter Sharon's house/Mesa, AZ. One of my first memories is my babysitter's adult son dancing with me in the living room, singing "The Berlin Wall is coming down, coming down, coming down! The Berlin Wall is coming down, my fair baby."
  8. Heath Ledger died:
    Taco place/Park City, UT. This was the first time I remember the death of a celebrity being text-worthy. I think I got five messages in a row.
  9. Barack Obama was elected:
    Some comedian's house/Los Angeles, CA. It was a Mad Men themed election night party.
  10. JFK died:
    I was still just a twinkle in my Daddy's eye! How old do you think I am, even?