You are going to:
  1. Greenhouse Tavern
    100% my first stop after checking into my hotel, even before I nap or shower. Especially great if you are alone and friendly. First time I went, a bartender helped me crash a Jordan Knight after party at the House of Blues down the street. Second time I went I had a great conversation with a man I didn't realize was the owner and he paid for my SUBSTANTIAL bar tab. Third time I went, a couple gave me tickets to a March Madness game. Start with the Manhattan with the Chinese bitters. Veg friendly
  2. Noodlecat
    Same owner as Greenhouse Tavern. You are getting the short rib ramen, the pickle sampler, the super salad, and a steamed bun. Sit at the window and watch the street traffic. The music they play is every song that makes you go "OMG I used to LOVE this song and I haven't heard it in FOREVER". Super vegetarian friendly.
  3. Pura Vida
    Decor is tacky as F but the food is terrif. They're not on the menu anymore, but ask if they can make the crispy mushrooms for you. You have never had anything like them, trust. Super vegetarian friendly.
  4. The Flaming Ice Cube
    Go because it's basically a tiny Veggie Grill. Return because the smoothies are a gatdamn delight. Totally vegan.
  5. Hanabi
    Just kidding! Don't trust Yelp, this place is bad. Sushi in Cleveland? Who am I, Evel Knievel?