One for every month
  1. January
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    Chris got in a fight with a peacock at the zoo.
  2. February
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    Vegas with my girls. Looking forward to this years trip in Austin!
  3. March
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    I got a new tattoo! Drove all the way to Orlando at 5 am for this bad boy. Totally worth it.
  4. April
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    My cousin got married. My mom required a photo. This was the result. Hey sis.
  5. May
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    4 year anniversary with my main squeeze
  6. June
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    The view from my old apartment taken the day we moved out of Miami. Miss waking up to this every day.
  7. July
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    First date in the new digs. Went to a third eye blind concert. Def felt old.
  8. August
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    Technically not an August pic but that's when I received it. My niece was born. This is when her big brother met her (and my dad)
  9. September
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    This was the first picture we received of the dog we rescued. How can you say no to that face.
  10. September pt 2
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    Paddle board yoga. One of my first excursions in Jacksonville. I love this picture so this month gets two hits. Yay.
  11. October
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    Miami Hurricanes game. Hot. Sweaty. Still super fun. I miss Miami.
  12. November
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    I bought a new car. I love it.
  13. December
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    Post salon. It never looks this good again.