It really is an addiction and you're never truly done "for now."
  1. Small wave on my back. (Yes it's a brand logo and no I don't care)
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    This one I got when I was a fresh 18 year old (I.e. Like 1 week). I've always considered myself a "beach girl" even though I technically grew up in the suburbs but when I got this I spent every day after school at the beach and had just spent most of the year teaching myself how to surf. So this was in honor of all that. Fun fact: I hid this one from my parents for approximately 4 months and it resulted in a family meeting to discuss the direction of my life. Fun times :)
  2. Paint splat/quote on my hip (this is a terribly done tattoo that didn't hold up well at all but I still like it. This photo taken the day I got it done). And yes I went back and got the T crossed about 5 minutes after taking this picture.
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    This one was hard. I was working my way out of an abusive relationship and got this after finally getting nerve to break it off. The quote is from a Sugarcult song and says "keep your head up the colors are beautiful" and it's a reminder to myself to try to find a bright side. The paint splat is bc I love art and being creative, and at 19 that was cool. Fun fact: this is what you get from an artist named hammer I guess. I plan on a cover up eventually but will replace the lyrics elsewhere
  3. Fleur de lis on my foot (this one is in honor of my sorority)
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    It is one of our symbols/flower. I was and still am heavily involved in the organization and it is truly a huge part of who I am and my college experience. My lifetime friendships came at the perfect time (after previously mentioned relationship/experience) and changed my life for the better. Fun fact: it's designed to kind of look like an iris which is the tangible representation of the fleur de lis symbol we use. This is one of my favorites
  4. Puzzle piece on my wrist (Literal representation: I really love puzzles. Other version: my missing piece. )
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    This is a reminder that not knowing the whole picture is ok. Life doesn't have to be perfect. I don't have to be perfect. There is no final piece to the puzzle. We constantly change and grow and that's ok. That's what makes it fun. Fun fact: if you actually look it's an empty hole not a piece. Also this was the second time my sister was supposed to get inked with me. She didn't. One day...
  5. Flowers and film strip on my rib cage (this one is big and took 4 sessions)
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    It's my baby and I'll always be obsessed. The dahlia (top) is my favorite flower and represents the career portion of my life (weddings). The hibiscus (bottom) represents my native Florida. The film strip is self explanatory. One day I'll fill in the frames. I originally wanted this one more "sketchy" but it's not and that's ok. Fun fact: my last ex bfs initials are hidden in the ink. This was an intentional post breakup decision. Only 2 ppl knew that.
  6. Phoenix feather on my arm. (I really wanted a watercolor piece and finally got one! It took me a while to hunt down the perfect artist but finally found him at Hart and Huntington. thanks Russell! love this so much and wish I could see it every day but it's the perfect placement)
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    Short version: I had a bit of a quarter life crisis and things crashed pretty hard. I lost who I was in a relationship and got sucked into a toxic work environment. So I made a 5 year plan of sorts and decided to do whatever it took to start over. "From the ashes or whatever." Things are still hard. And that sucks sometimes but there are always second chances. Fun fact: I fell asleep during this one.
  7. Song lyric on my arm
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    I know you're thinking Fleetwood Mac but it's actually taken from a Jason Mraz song "details in the fabric." It's a beautiful song with a strong message. This was a somewhat spur of the moment piece (and by that I mean I sat on it for significantly less than a year before getting). Fun fact: this was such a low key tattoo I don't think the guy doing it (Matt) even knew my name.
  8. I know what my next one will be but have vowed to actually wait a few years. We'll see if that sticks.