I'm here to pick up my bf from work but want to get a candle so my fake tree smells real.
  1. 20 minutes until end of his shift. Will it be cute or awkward if we see each other.
  2. I think awkward. Just focus on finding what you need.
  3. Oh dollar bin. Let's check that out. Might be good stocking stuffers.
  4. No Christmas shopping right now. You have a list and payday isn't until tomorrow.
  5. Oh but I can look for bffs engagement goodies here. She got engaged this weekend I can't send it too late.
  6. Ooh sequin ribbon. No gifts this year but I can save it for next. It's only $1.
  7. These xmas salt and pepper shakers are so cute. I'll take a picture so I can come back later.
  8. Maybe I'll text my sister about them. Cough cough stocking stuffer.
  9. I wonder if they have those champagne glasses I saw online....
  10. Oh coloring markers....
  11. No. You just bought new ones the other day.
  12. Ok candles.
  13. When did candles get so expensive?!
  14. Ew that does not smell like christmas.
  15. "Snuggle" what does that smell like? Oh. Meh.
  16. This one will work.
  17. On to cards. Oh look there's bf. Don't distract.
  18. Found a winner.
  19. Let's go look at books.
  20. Oh I should get bff a wedding mag.
  21. I like this one. This one too.
  22. Fine twist my arm. 2 it is.
  23. Ok. Register.
  24. Maybe should should stroll through home goods.
  25. To many cute things! Abort! Abort!
  26. Ok checking out.
  27. Wave to bf.
  28. I should have never left my car.