NYFW Weekend!
  1. Woke up feeling inspired
  2. Packed all looks and all must have items
  3. Got ready
  4. Left for airport
  5. Waited for my flying buddy for about an hour-had a miscommunication
  6. Missed flight! 😑
  7. Got on the next available straight flight and made it on the standby
  8. On flight listened to Blond and Life of Pablo and read Steal Like and Artist
  9. Arrived in NYC!
  10. As soon as I got off the plane saw Tyrone Beyonce's Stylist- Signs
  11. On the way to the hotel talked to daddy-blessings
  12. Got to hotel!
  13. Went to Duane Reade for water eyeliner and lashes
  14. Got to room and regrouped planning our day for tomorrow!