I didn't realize how many photos I take until I tried to limit them to five and failed.
  1. Shakedown mocha shake
    They use coffee ice cubes. Yum. I usually don't take photos of food; this shake was really special though.
  2. I saw this at the store and don't really understand it
    Taking a photo didn't help much.
  3. Jeremy Scott kicks
    The red white and blue ones are more exciting. I still love the wings.
  4. Sen. Barbara Boxer
    A friend invited me to a lunch honoring her. She shared some stories about how hard it was for women when she started in politics. It was awesome to hear about how much she helped other women.
  5. Waze screenshot
    I like the specificity of their directions. It keeps improving.
  6. Screenshot
    Sometimes I just screenshot to save. It's not a very effective method of saving, because I usually can't find anything later. But I did find this one.
  7. Construction covering that was creative and pretty
    Dior store in downtown SF
  8. I got this on August 8
    I'm still waiting...
  9. A bus ran into my sister's car when she was visiting SF
    It turned right from the left lane into standstill traffic. Alamo was great about it, but it was overall pretty 💩y
  10. Even kids like to make lists
    Who doesn't? Although wanting to go to Radio Shack shows questionable judgment.