Bands I listen to thanks to my dad.

My dad has some pretty awesome music taste, he's been showing my bands since I was little. It's how we bond. So here's a list of bands my dad has shown me throughout the years.
  1. The Band
    Rock band from the 60s-80's. The Night The Drove Old Dixie Down is one of my all time favorite songs.
  2. Mumford and Sons
    Rock/folk band from Britain. I love all of their music. I would have to say that White Blank Page is my favorite song of theirs.
  3. Metallica
    Love love love Metallica. One is my favorite song.
  4. Nirvana
    I get extremely teary eyed when I think about Kurt Cobain. The fact that he died 4 years before my birth but still has an impact on my life is incredible. The Man Who Sold The World is my favorite song by them.
  5. U2
    I've been listening to U2 for as long as I can remember. My family is Irish so a lot of their songs have significant meaning to us, especially Sunday Bloody Sunday.
  6. Led Zepplin
    I could listen to Immigrant Song, Stairway To Heaven and Kashmir on repeat for all eternity.
  7. CCR
    First vinyl I ever bought was the one pictured here. I love CCR and I'll keep that vinyl forever.
  8. Dave Matthews Band
    I know a lot of people aren't Dave Matthews fans. But I love em. Grey Street is my anthem.