These are the gems I am forced to choose between
  1. Vanderpump Rules (Bravo)
    Honestly I've never watched this show but I've heard it's one of Bravo's classic, "so bad it's good" reality series ala RHOA
  2. Going Deep w David Rees (Esquire)
    Unexpected episode title "How to Take a Nap" in actually somewhat intriguing
  3. Dallas Car Sharks (Velocity)
    This is literally just a show about vintage cars and that being said although it doesn't sound interesting to me I'm sure this is someone else's favorite show.
  4. BBQ Pit Wars (Discovery Family)
    My favorite part about the TV show 'Friday Night Lights' was the fact that a good ole barbecue dinner really did fix everything. Maybe I'll watch this in hopes of it easing the void that is the lack of Matthew Chandler on my television screen every week.
  5. Coyote Ugly (E!)
    Okay this is already what I'll probably end up watching up until that awkward rooftop serenade scene, but then I'll come back during the credits to watch LeAnn Rimes kill it
  6. Bad Blood (ID)
    "Who Killed the Eggman" #squadgoals