I know there's more...
  1. Gelsons- pineapple samples
    Sometimes I go in just for one
  2. TJ's- I can afford
    I understand this holds a LOT of weight but this list isn't weighted, so...
  3. Gelsons- Parking lot
    Lots of dickwads, but at least you're not stuck in it for 20 hours
  4. TJ's- food sample stand+ mini coffee 4 lyfe
    Had a delish mini chicken taco w guac and a side of baby coffee
  5. Gelsons- Bag your groceries for you
    ...like a normal grocery store
  6. TJ's- 5,000 different kinds of trail mix
    Half an aisle worth! Impressive
  7. Gelsons- Kombucha (pro and con)
    Pro- I 💖 it Con- I waste $5 on it. Every time.
  8. TJ's- 2 buck chuck, rosè on special, racist Trader Jose beer
  9. Gelsons- Celeb spottings
    Pro- when it's Dax Shepard Con- when you're in sweaty running clothes and bump into a handsome Dax Shepard in the produce aisle
  10. TJ's- fun employees, wild Hawaiian gear?!
    As I'm writing this realizing probably qualifies as con
  11. Gelsons- US Weekly by checkout
    Pro or con??