It was one for the books, and resulted in a woman finally (rightfully) heckling him about how incredibly sexist all of this was, her getting escorted out, him calling her a handful of supremely offensive names, and about 10 people leaving with her (including us). Apparently he does this all the time. So, how about he doesn't get to anymore??
  1. "Women over 50 shouldn't be allowed to show their pussy, or any woman with a grey pubic hair for that matter"
    What the what??
  2. He said that no one wants to have sex with a woman once she's had a baby because it's just a big gaping hole and the only way for her to fix the hole is for her to keep her legs together and close that shit up.
    Suggested by @JLW
  3. "Women's attractiveness is like a wheel, and it starts at Fugly, then average then cute then beautiful then angelic. And there's a sliver between beautiful and angelic that you want"
    Good vagina innuendo Damon
  4. "I watched Selma earlier today and I thought wow thank goodness black men aren't getting shot in the street anymore"
    Ok, point made. But you're bringing the women's rights movement back to the 50's with this set...
  5. "The problem with women is that the fugly ones want to be treated the same as the beautiful, angelic ones"
    I'm sorry, did you say fugly again??
  6. "See, you're a fugly bitch"
    (To the woman who spoke out)
  7. "What do you want me to do, tap dance for you, massah?"
    After the woman said she had spent money on the show just to be horribly offended. DONT MAKE THIS RACIAL, it's about you being a misogynistic asshole.
  8. He said that if he was Bruce Jenner - his kids would be embarrassed to leave the house. Then he did an act out of Bruce Jenner lifting up his balls to put a tampon in.
    Suggested by @JLW
  9. "Later, C word!"
    He said the actual word obviously, but it felt déclassé to write on here. Just needed you all to know how rude it was
  10. And he said that he can only find women who like him for his money. That one I believe/agree with.
    Suggested by @JLW
  11. Been dying to rant about this and let the world know, but a friend runs the show so decided ListApp was safer. Thx ListApp!
    And while I know he's a sad washed up comic, he's still allowed to show up at any comedy club and get treated like royalty and go on and on and have people nod and even laugh at this crap, and that makes me so so mad. Right after Iliza Schlesinger does a smart, long, new set and is so fantastic. Out with the old, in with the women comics. ✌🏾️