Or, help me deal with today
  1. Get naked with old Korean ladies at Olympic Spa
  2. Spend the day finally watching The Jinx
  3. Spend the day watching 30 for 30 documentaries
  4. Go to gym and pretend to work out
  5. Question life decisions leading to this point
  6. Eat all of the food in the house
  7. Text all my friends to make sure no one is mad at me
  8. Go to a movie alone
  9. Get a large popcorn at movie
  10. Cry
  11. Try to figure out why I always think that last shitty beer is the perfect way to end the night
  12. Buy a snickers ice cream bar from gas station
  13. Order Kow Soi from Wat Dong Moon Lek, close the blinds and pretend I'm sick
  14. Stare at list app all day