(I want to do these things but I don't) (Most of the time) (I know it's the most dangerous thing ever) (And if I killed someone looking at snap chat it'd be tragic on so many levels)
  1. Google why my dog has a sudden increase in appetite
  2. Download new podcasts
    What if NPR is having a fundraiser?? What will I do then?
  3. Check ListApp
    I wanna know all the lists the kids are writing
  4. Check Twitter
  5. Finish that Buzzfeed quiz about whether I'm an extrovert or introvert
  6. Check Instagram
  7. Write a List
    Prob about all the things I want to do while driving
  8. Facebook
  9. Snapchat everything
  10. Even check Vine
  11. Read the 5 page email my mom sent two days ago that I still haven't read
  12. Watch the trailer of the movie on the billboard I just drove by
  13. Find a perfectly appropriate Spotify playlist
  14. Do anything except just drive