Never say never...But no really, never
  1. Why Rand Paul Would Make A Great President
  2. All the People I've Ever Slept With
  3. All The Reasons I Love the NFL
  4. All the New Age Bullshit I've Spent Money On
    Ok maybe I could write this one...after a martini or two when I no longer "get embarrassed"
  5. Why Chris Brown Is Actually A Good Guy
  6. What I Love Most About The Kardashians
  7. Meanest Moves I've Pulled
    I'm thinking elementary school mostly here...I was kinda shitty. Pulled some mean ass moves like making a club AGAINST Jessica W...not telling you anymore, not making this list I said (Also I got my comeuppance in 5th grade, fear not)
  8. Every Lie I've Ever Told
  9. How I Handle Breakups Like An Asshole
    Not proud
  10. Why I Loved Living in Chinatown in NYC