I mean, all of them, but...
  1. "Not bad"
    That's your assessment of me? I'm flattered. Also, don't forget to go fuck yourself
  2. "Mmmm"
    Gross. Im not a burrito
  3. "Oh yea Mamì"
    Sp?? Anyway sounds like Mommy and = gross
  4. (Whistle)
  5. "Smile for me girl"
    You know what makes me NOT want to smile? You and your stupid face telling me what to do
  6. (Honk)
    Come on now, what good is gonna come of that for reals though?
  7. "How YOU doin??"
    No one actually says this in LA. Makes me a bit nostalgic for NYC in all its catcalling glory. Kinda.
  8. "Uh huh. Let me get up on that."
    Get up on what? No.
    Suggested by @mianguyen
  9. "I need a wife!"
    Yelling it doesn't improve your chances of matrimony
    Suggested by @lindsinger