At our favorite place in Ktown, the tables are uncomfortably close, so if you're sitting next to 2 loud talking theatre-type girls next to you, you hear it alllllllllllllll.
  1. "He broke up with me because everything was TOO perfect. He couldn't handle it"
    Her friend nods solemnly in understanding. I want to lean over and whisper, "That is NEVER the reason. I've said it, I've thought it, I've nodded in agreement. But now I'm older and I realize that's a LIE we tell ourselves. It's like saying he broke up with you bc he was having TOO much sex. Never gonna happen. NEVER." But I don't.
  2. "You don't know who Mike Nichols is??? Oh god you SHOULD!"
    I mean, you're right, but SHHHHH
  3. "I met Meryl Streep once."
    Define "met".
  4. "Do you get star struck meeting all these celebrities??"
    (the other gullible friend)
  5. "Nah I'm used to it"
    But it sounds like you maybe work box office for the theatre?
  6. "What's this weird meat in my soup?"
    Shut up and eat the ramen, it's amazing
  7. "I don't want to date right now anyway, I'm too busy"
    Sure that's why you're not dating?
  8. "I don't know why anyone would want to work in TV over theatre"
    Um, money? That's just one guess