I wrote this list while procrastinating going to the gym which made me think my next list should be Things I Do While Procrastinating Going To The Gym
  1. Accidentally glancing at a bikini pic of Bar Refaeli while in the checkout line of the grocery store
    (as I was buying my fav Brie cheese and baguette)
  2. A new episode of Nashville
    I can handle 43 minutes on the elliptical when I have Deacon and Reyna and the drama oh the DRAMA to focus on. Sometimes there are tears which I pretend are sweat
  3. My mother saying I look "healthy"
    Kiss of death
  4. Anxiety!
    Always there
  5. A solid smoothie bar
    Crunch. I miss those banana peanut butter smoothies post workout that would negate the workout
  6. Former child stars who go to your gym
    Ryder Strong went to my old gym and the thrill never died 💖💖💖
  7. Even my fat pants are tight
    This is happening and it's serious
  8. The guilt the morning after a late-night burrito
    Which is typically coupled with the guilt of my hangover which makes for a solid anxious workout
  9. Invitation to a pool party
    Will people actually swim?? Does my bathing suit fit, and can I lose 10 pounds in a week? Why do people have POOL parties anymore we are not CHILDREN
  10. New workout clothes
    Lululemon is on to something