I'm fully aware these things are prob only funny to me, but still had fun remembering/lol'ing/sharing w my ListApp crew (can I call you guys that? well I just did)
  1. Emily Hanson falling off the bleachers during a choir concert in 9th grade, mid-song
    There's a videotape somewhere, and whenever we were bored we'd go to Emily's and watch her fall. She was doing the choreographed turn, and she turned right off the second level bleacher and did a slow motion fall. She was fine. It might have been the hardest I ever laughed. Ms. Leland the choir director was livid and Margee and Simmy, the twins who were next to her, had to leave the stage they were laughing so hard
  2. Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig as Garth and Kat
    Gets me EVERY TIME
  3. My former boss and comedian Judy Gold calling her boys different made-up names all the time
    A running bit we found hilarious and the boys found totally annoying (which it was), to constantly go "Let's go Frederick! Come on Jamal!" Their names were Ben and Henry. This idiocy STILL makes me giggle
  4. Emily Hanson's cashmere sweater lighting on fire when she was blowing out her birthday candles in 10th grade
    Emily provided a lot of laughs
  5. Fahim Anwar's joke about little kids with tiny rolling suitcases in airports
    He does an act out of this toddler driving himself to the airport that doesn't sound that funny but made me cry laughing
  6. My dad pretending to know strangers names when we were driving and calling out the window, "Hey Jerry how're ya?"
    He also did it at any drive-thru window. Just realizing there's a running "fake made up names" theme here
  7. My friend Aliza falling off the table she was dancing on at my 30th birthday
    Falling is funny. No surprise there. Esp when the person is ok, at least mostly. Also we were at Chateau Marmont which made it perfect in so many ways